What the reviewers are saying.......
Chip Raman's Edge of a Song is a personal gift of an album....Michael Dittman,

The artist is a musician, the musician is a poet, the poet is an artist...the circle unbroken....
Arthur Wood, Folkwax        more

It has been quite a while since a straight-forward chap with a guitar sounded this way....
the production is perfect.  Raman’s recordings on “Edge of a Song” have an
attachment to today’s listener....
James McQuiston, Neufutur Magazine        more

Art, Heart, and Musical Revelry...Andrew Frey, Maximum Ink Music Magazine   more

If you’re looking for a diversion from songs on the radio and Billboard’s top 100, you
might find this unique album quite intriguing....interesting and unlike anything else being
produced these days. Chip Raman's voice is a combination of many sounds....his debut
CD Edge of a Song gives album artwork a whole new meaning
Deryn Harbin, MusicReviewer        more
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