, Deryn Harbin
If you’re looking for a diversion from songs on the radio and Billboard’s
top 100, you might find this unique album quite intriguing. Chip Raman's
voice is a combination of many sounds, though mainly in a renewed Bob
Dylan style. Raman’s album Edge of a Song gives album artwork a whole
new meaning. Not only is his album a work of art but he also features his
own paintings in the accompanying liner notes. He also produced the album
himself and maintained leadership as the main creative director.
Take a few minutes to listen to the first song, Edge of the Wind. Raman
starts out alone but by the end of the song has a full folk chorus backing
him up. You can’t help but smile as each voice and layer adds to the song.
The album was a collaborative effort by him and 15 of his friends, which he
credits profusely in the album booklet.
Raman's sound is interesting and unlike anything else being produced these
days. His voice is rough and unpolished but the overall effect makes his
songs even more powerful. Lonesome Painter is about him being a lonely
musician, painter, and... just an overall lonely person. Though it is apparent
however that he is not all that lonely with such a large following of friends
and fans. It’s obvious he is a talented songwriter and painter and is
definitely worth taking a listen to. You’ll enjoy the works of a man out to
change the world... one song at a time.

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