By Staff Writer Michael Dittman, IndieMusicStop

Chip Raman's Edge of a Song is a personal gift of an album. With such a
soothing, calm voice and an artistic bent that extends to the paintings depicting
hands being held and kisses about to be bussed decorating the CD insert, it
comes as no surprise that his day job is as a teacher specializing in expressive
arts therapy.  
If you're allergic to nostalgia, you may want to turn to another artist. The third
verse of "Edge Of the Wind" the compelling and contemplative opening track of
the debut CD begins "I wonder about the edge of a song/Where it touches
someone's heart." And that pretty much works as a metaphor for the whole
album. There's lots of lyrics about souls, love, and lonesome roads in the Neil
Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash influenced sound.  
However it's not all-earnest heartfelt new age stuff. The CD also includes a live
video performance of "I'm In Touch With My Feelings" which displays a much
more lighthearted side to Raman than listeners are able to garner from the music
Raman's light sunny guitar sound play alongside his Tom Petty-esque vocals in a
clearly produced album that attempts to touch the hearts and souls of its
listeners in a way that pushes them towards a positive place. File this album
under sleepy Sunday mornings with decaf and the New Yorker.

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